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NEW ONLINE PHARMACY AVAILABLE! You can now order your medications, food, supplements and Preventatives ONLINE with convenient shipping to your front door ! Here is a coupon to get you started and give us a call if you need help enrolling 

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Mineola Animal Hospital Hosts Holiday Drive

Santa Holiday Drive a Success!

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Santa’s Coming to Mineola Animal Hospital

Santa and his friends will park the sleigh at Mineola Animal Hospital on December 2nd from 11-2 pm. Please call ahead to hold your spot 516-873-9207. Pictures are $20, with 100% of the proceeds donated to a location rescue group (TBA). You will also receive a coupon for a free nail trim and other fun and surprises! Come join us […]

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Dr. Julie Vasilyeva Joins Garden City Park Animal Hospital

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Dr. Alexis Pellegrino Joins New Hyde Park Animal Hospital

October 2017

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Dr. Dattner Visits Special Needs Camp

JULY 15, 2017 Dr. Dattner and his Office Manager Jen Lee gave an informal presentation to the children at the Hillside Avenue YMCA Special Needs Camp. The doctor spoke about pet companions as well as wildlife. Children’s questions were rewarded with stuffed animals. Dr. Dattner’s very own Lab ‘Luxa’ came along to greet the children. On hand also–a ferret and […]

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Dr. Yuliya Bashkatova joins Garden City Park Animal Hospital

Our hospitals are pleased to welcome “Dr. B” to our team. Dr. B joined the team in June of 2016.  We are thrilled to have her! />  

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Dr. Penyy visits local Petco

June 25, 2016 Questions by patrons of Petco were answered by Marielle Penyy, DVM, who has a special interest in feline health.

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Santa Visits Mineola Animal Hospital

A ‘Child and Pet Photo-Op with Santa Fund Drive’ was sponsored by the veterinarians and staff of Mineola Animal Hospital. The December 5th drive held at the hospital was organized to raise money for the ‘Road to Home’ rescue organization.

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Dr. Schaffer visits GCPAH and Canine Stem Cell patient ‘Nike’

– Left to Right: Jeffrey Schaffer, DVM Director Vet Professional Services VetStem Biopharma Senior Practice Manager Sioux Sciacca Jennifer Steiger, DVM Stem Cell Therapy Compassionate Use Certified

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